Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A second try..

After the success of the first drawing, I decided to give it another shot. I decided to draw another friend's dog who had recently passed (the dog, not the friend). This dog was like a part of their family, so I decided to see if I could draw Macintosh, a Wheaten Terrier. I started to sketch and found that it came very easily to draw this second dog, even though there was a greater complexity to his coat compared to Jeep, the boxer. I was delighted to see that Macintosh came out very true to life, as well!

I gave the picture as a gift for my friend's birthday. She was so happy and I was relieved that she thought it looked just like him. (There is always that bit of fear that just maybe, when the person sees the picture, they say..."um, who is this?"  Another good day of drawing and another day of me being amazed at what I can now do. Like I said before, it is so weird...


  1. Thank you Liz! I am actually amazing myself. It is a really weird feeling....but cool.